Reproduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our necoPlastics brand is an effort dedicated to reducing the plastic and other waste cluttering our world, while also creating beneficial reuses for utilizing it in new products.

We help governments, citizens, and corporations divert their plastic waste from landfills and waterways and create circular economies or beneficial reuse products with our technology.

We are a startup company in Delaware, OH and work with customers all over the nation and world. Our primary beneficial reuse technology is with a patented process to convert mixed plastics into a 100% recycled aggregate. The aggregate is used in the construction materials market as a partial replacement in concrete products and for use in the hot mix asphalt (HMA) process.

We also work with Governments and Corporations to create sustainability programs and circular economies for their waste. With a portfolio of technologies either in-house developed or with our working partners, we create solutions to help our customers become more sustainable and get closer to their zero waste goals.

2019 Participant and winner of the Cleantech Open Midwest